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    Can I put several orders in one shipment ?
    If my parcel request to pay taxes or custom duties,how should I do ?
    If I get a demanaged packages,how should I do ?
    Can I ship the parcel to a different country then the place I live ?
    What countries you can ship ?
    Do you offer faster shipping method ?
    Can I pay one shipping charge for several order ?
    Do you offer free shipping ?
    How can I track my order ?
    What's the scope of your delivery ?
    What address will be used for my next purchase ?
    Why I can not see any update on my package ?

What address will be used for my next purchase ?

Your shipping address for your next purchase will automatically be the one on your previous order. If you have ever changed your shipping address, this will be your updated address for your next purchase. Please check your shipping address after the purchase of your new order.



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