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How to Measure Your Pupillary Distance(PD)?


Printable PD ruler   Printable PD ruler

Print this page on A4 (without scaling, at 100%. ) Use PD ruler at the bottom of the page.
Recommend to use a physical PD ruler or consult your ophthalmologist

Pring PD Ruler

Steps to measure your PD

Note: The average PD is between 54 and 78mm. Might be a bit different compared to practical measurements. Please measure your PD 2-3 times to ensure you get the accurate results.



Print PD Ruler

Print PD ruler at 100% size. Do not use 'scaling' or 'fit' setting. Print setting should be 'actual size'. Preview printable ruler





Fold printout along the dotted line

Fold printout along the dotted line

Mirror Or Friend

Stand 8 inches (20 cm) away from a mirror or a friend. Place & hozld the PD ruler against your brow. Keep your face straight

Mirror Or Friend

Ready. Set. Measure!

Take a few measurements for consistency. Most adults have a PD between 54 - 74 mm. Most children have a PD between 43 - 54 mm


Align to Zero

First,close your right eye and align the ruler's zero to the center of your left pupil

Align to Zero

Open Right,close Left

Next,open your right eye and close your left eye


Your PD

Look straight ahead and read the millimeter line that matches up with the center of your right pupil,this number represents your single PD in millimeters.

this number represents your single PD in millimeters


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