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Is there a way to try out your frames and see which ones fit me best?
Is there an easy way to reorder a pair I bought previously?
Can I add glasses to an order once I pay for it?
Is it required that all the glasses on the order have the same prescription?
Can I order more than one pair of glasses per order?
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What is the material of your lens?
Difference between Spherical Lens and Aspherical Lens
Lens Functions
What're the difference between Tint lens, Photochromic lens and Polarized lens?
What is the difference between single-vision and progressive lenses?
Can you replace lenses if I send you my frame?
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How to choose frames?
Frame Materials
Do you have spring hinges glasses?
Frame Size and Strong Rx
Can I order frames without lenses?
Full-rim, half-rim, or rimless?
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What is ADD?
Knowledge about Eyeglasses Prescription
Can I use the copy of my eyeglass prescription which was issued by my doctor 3 years ago?
Can I use contact lens prescription for ordering glasses?
The ADD of progressive just have one side, but I need both sides?
May I save my prescription so I do not need to input it again for next order?
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Why can't I use the coupon for ordering?
Where can I get my prescription?
Why did not I get my order confirmation email or shipping notification email?
If I want to change my prescription or address, what should I do?
Is there a way I can try your frames and see which ones fit me best?
How to Get a Coupon?
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Return & Refund Policy
When cancel the order when can I get my refund back ?
Can I applied the refund to a different card then I used on my order ?
My frame is a little bit twist,how can I repair my glasses ?
Do you offer glasses fixing service ?
If I put wrong information on my order,how can i do ?
How to return the glasses I broughts ?
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Delivery & Shipping
Can I put several orders in one shipment ?
If my parcel request to pay taxes or custom duties,how should I do ?
If I get a demanaged packages,how should I do ?
Can I ship the parcel to a different country then the place I live ?
What countries you can ship ?
Do you offer faster shipping method ?
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Can I use double discount on one order per time ?
If I have insurance can I use it on my order ?
In what process it will be charging my cards ?
In which payment method you will be taking ?
Are your price only list in USD currency ?
Do you accept my vision insurance ?
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Forget the password?
Can I change my password?
Why could I not login into my account?