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         Blue-ray exists everywhere today


Blue Light Blocking Lens


Professional Lens Service

We offer quality prescription lenses to any customer who buys frames from us. Our quality service is reassuring, and we offer breath-taking value compared to optical stores. Each pair of prescription glasses will be
made fitted with 100% accuracy and quality. It is easy and comfortable to buy prescription eyewear from vkyee

Blue-ray exists everywhere today

With the widespread use of electronic screens, more people suffer from eyestrain symptoms when using electronic devices. One of the reasons for this symptom is the blue light emitted from the display on these devices.

Blue-ray will cause diffusion and flickering in the vision

The shorter the wavelength, the more energy light waves, which are more likely to cause eye fatigue. Blue light, which is next to ultraviolet light on the electromagnetic spectrum, has a shorter wavelength than other visible light. Besides, it also tends to be diffused. Therefore, it is considered to be the cause of visual flicker.

Blue light blocking lens can effectively reduce incoming blue light to the eyes

VKYEE blue light blocking lens adopted AR coating technology. Taking advantage of the principles of AR coating in the opposite way, it can prevent blue light from passing through the lens by increasing the reflection.

Advantages of
VKYEE Blue Light Blocking Lens

1. 100% UV protected.
2. Better glare reduction and help with efficiency and productivity.
3. Enhance contrast and help reduce eye fatigue.
4. Increase comfort by reducing blue light transmission




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