Saving is everyone to do list, but sometimes either we lose patients or we don't try to find similar models or styles with cheaper prices. Today I want to share with you few tips on how to save when ordering eyeglasses.

Both sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses are a need and a want, as our sight sometimes is not really health and we also need to keep them away from the damaging UV rays. If someone need to wear prescription eyeglasses and also its sunny outside, you dont need to have 2 frames. A clip-on can help you cover that, 2 in 1 frame, so no need to get an expensive sunglass but only the extra lenses. A clip-on saves money, space and time, as someone is driving will just take the magnetic lenses and install without any problems.

Another tip is to buy your eyewear online, as sometime they do discounts and free give aways. For example here at Vkyee Optical other days we give 25%, 38% or even 50% off discount to all our live stream viewers. Other days we do free give away of sunglasses, sport eyewear, prescription frames and more. When you do an order first check if there is a code to use to get a discount and definitely you will save.

The third tip is to order eyeglasses made of high-quality materials so you dont have to keep on buying and changing the frames. Make sure you buy the correct size and a frame with a spring hinge will be the best, and also you do not react to the material of the eyewear. Last but not least, order an eyewear with easy and cheap maintainance as some eyeglasses need specific chemicals for cleaning and keeping in shape. Keep the fashion lit with a good budget.


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