Hey family and friends. In this blog I will sharing with you some tips on how to protect your eyes/eyesight from harmful dangerous things. Not only does you eyes need protection from the UV rays but from dust particles, sharp objects and more naturals items. To protect your eyes from UV rays one needs to wear eyewear with polarized lense. With the increase of technology, many people now stay long hours on screens, which can be the phone, tv and laptop. The polarized lense can help maintain your eyesight with good health. So many activities also need one to wear protect eyewear. Before starting any type of work where you compromise your safety, you should wear a good pair of safety glasses. Wilding, building and even carpartering needs one to protect their eyes, so make sure you wear an appropriate safety glasses. If one wear prescription eyeglasses, they can order safety glasses with myopia glasses frame. The safety glasses should make sure it fits the face shape, reduce the pressure on the temple, improve comfort, no indentation, no pressure on the nose. Out-door activities like hiking and cycling also needs protective glasses, incase an accident happens, the eyes are the most delicate therefore need to be protected. In the mind of protecting our eyes also remember to look good fashion wise. Choose a color and shape that suits you better and enjoy every moment.

Safety glasses