The year is half-way already and its time to share some tips on how to get or choose eyeglasses that match your personality. It can be either fashion or optical frames. When someone is prescribed to wear prescription lense, the hard part is to choose which frame you should get, as we need something that can fit our face shape, something comfortable and definitely a frame that matches are character. First, you should selected a frame with a material that you like. Here at Vkyee Optical we have acetate, titanium, other metals, pc material and more. All these materials are tested for reaction or irritation and they are all high quality. When it comes to optical frames titanium should the the first choice as it is the most comfortable. For the classic looks metal and acetate are the best. It is very important to know the material that suits your personality and not forgetting the thickness of the frame also matters in the character wise as we have slim, thick and normal size frames. Secondly, you should check the design on the frame. Some frames have styles and jewels, and some are just simply plan. So when choosing a frame make sure you pick the one that gives you positive energy and confidence. Still on the frames, the color is a major thing to consider as colors match with our interest. Frames are available in many colors including bright colors and dim colors, also available in different shapes including cat-eye, square,oval, round and rectangle. The frames can also be rimless or full rim. Therefore its important to first know your character and choose a frame that completes it.

All characters being considered, princess character, lawyer character, sassy character and even rich character have a frame designed to fullfill the personality


Made with high-quality material, these glasses are very durable and sturdy. The frame looks well on all kinds of faces and goes well with everything. It is suitable for women and men. There are six colors for you to choose from.