What is the use of anti-blue light glasses? The main function of anti-blue light glasses is to reduce the damage of blue light to the eyes. Anti-blue light glasses reflect harmful blue light by coating the surface of the lens, or add anti-blue light factor through the lens base material to absorb harmful blue light. So as to achieve the blocking of harmful blue light and protect the eyes; Electronic products will produce blue light, which is why if you stare at electronic products for a long time, your eyes will feel uncomfortable, dry, and tearful. Moreover, the blue light has short wavelengths and high energy, and can directly penetrate the lens and reach the macular area of ​​the eye, causing macular degeneration. It is the damage of blue light to the eyes; The anti-blue light glasses use anti-blue light lenses with film reflection technology to reflect harmful blue light, so the surface of the lenses will reflect blue light. Using anti-blue light glasses outdoors can also avoid UV damage to the eyes, and anti-blue light glasses can effectively reduce blue light. The continuous damage to the eyes is compared and detected by a portable spectrum analyzer. After using the anti-blue light glasses, the blue light intensity emitted by the mobile phone screen has been effectively suppressed, reducing the damage of harmful blue light to the eyes.