Hello friends and family. Happy you joined us in this beautiful month of June. Today I would like to share some tips on how to take good care of your eyewear, it can be prescription eyeglasses or fashion sunglasses. Taking good care of your eyewear is very important and it can help you save. Firstly, you should order high quality eyewear so it can not easly break. Your eyewear should always be out of reach of children. If the child is wearing eyeglasses you can order eyewear with strong hold or neck chain that will hold the eyewear if its falling. The second tip is always place your eyewear inside the pouch bag or case if you are not wearing it. This prevents the eyewear from falling and breaking also protects the lenses from getting scratches from air particles or anything sharp. Keeping your eyewear inside the pounch bag also keeps the eyewear as good as new, shiny and strong. You can also safely transport it without losing it or reaking it. Tip three always use clean soft cloth for cleaning your eyewear. The soft cloth does not leave any scratches or break the lenses. The lenses will be good as new if you use a soft cleaning cloth. Fourth tip, do not leave your eyewear under the sun, if its optical frame with prescription lense, the lense will be damaged. Lastly, if you are cleaning your eyewear clean with warm water. Run the tap and get a warm warm, not too cold and definitely not hot as this can damage your glasses. You can also breath on the eyeglasses and clean it before th fog disappears and wipe clean. With proper maintenance, your glasses can last for years.

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