You want to look good and also keep your sight checked.Avoiding either not to feel comfortable or not being able to see your surroundings is an unknown battle for those who wear optical lenses. In this text I will give you five tips to help you choose a good frame for yourself.The first thing is to choose a suitable color for example black,transparent, brown,or even your favourate color, depending which suits you best.Color makes everything look good or bad.It even affects the mood. Colors like red can do even for a party or a work meeting. The second tip is about the shape. The most trending now for the ladies is the cat-eye eye frame like oversized and medium size eyeglases. Some cat-eye shaped are very stylish and yet calm, you can use the optical lenses on the cat-eye shaped eyeglass frame.Someone can like oval or round shaped frames .These shapes suits both for fashion and for prescription eyeglasses. The gentleman prefered eyeglasses frame shapes are square,oval and round. The third tip is about the spring hinge feature.Spring hinge can make you wear the eyeglasses the whole day without feeling any discomfort. Some eyeglasses have two adjustable nose place making it comfortable for any nose shape and adding more style. The forth tip is trying clip on.Clip on is like a two in one eyeglass.You can use optical lense in the inside and also use darker lens outside protecting your eye from the uv light yet looking gorgeous . The fifth tip is to look for a frame that makes you feel good and have more confidence .Do you believe in love at first sight ?. Summed up all in all anything that doesn't bore you after sometime should be your first choice since you will wear it for many and different occassions.