As we say goodbye to May we say hello to June. June is named after Juno the goddess of youth and also it is know as the first month of summer. So in this blog will be sharing with you tips to keep yourself young and shinny like a youth in both optical eyeglasses and sunglasses. The color of June is aspen gold and it feels like a fresh start. As summer approaches, the change is very noticable and you want to reduce any chance of reaction you can get on your skin. Therefore you need an eyewear with a soft material and which is very comfortable. The color of the frame should be as friendly as the aspen gold. Sunglasses in color aspen gold will make you fresh and go with the flow. When summer time is near you will need your eyewear with blue light glasses. The sunglasses can have polarized lenses. This means you will be sleeping well, feeling and looking fine. One more tip is you should buy stylish and cheap eyeglasses like the one with a cat-eye shape. And also the material of the eyeglasses should be good, does not absorb too much heat, for you to be comfortable. Hope this tips will help you enjoy your new coming month.