VKYEE Affiliate Program

Are you ready to earn money in your spare time? Are you interested in sharing a discount with others?

Are you willing to help people buy quality eyeglasses?

If all answers are "yes", you are the person we’re waiting for. And it’s time for you to join in VKYEE team!


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How it works

how it works

What VKYEE Offers


  • 1. 30-day cookie duration.
  • 2. Special discounts to help promotion.
  • 3. 5%~8% commission on each referred sale.
  • 4. Extra monthly cash bonus for outstanding partners.


Promotion Terms


  • 1. Affiliates MUST NOT bid on vkyee trademark terms on any search engine.
  • 2. Affiliates MUST NOT use www.vkyee.com in the display URL at any PPC search engine. Alternative spellings of VKYEE domain are also not permitted.
  • 3. Affiliates MUST NOT use “official” and other words to imply that your advertisement is an official vkyee advertisement.


How To Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Our Campaigns

Pay per sale: You will receive (X) commission on the order total of the first purchase made via the affiliate referral link. In the next purchases, you will receive (Y) commission on the order total.

Discount policy: A customer who makes the first purchase via the affiliate referral link receives (Z) discount on the order total. In the next purchases, the customer will not receive any discount. However, the affiliate account continues receiving commissions from the next orders made by this customer.

Default Campaign

This is a sample campaign

Pay Per Sale Tier 1 5% of Order Total for first order. 5% of Order Total for next orders.
Discount policy None
Valid Date Always